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Below is a list of current houses on the market.  Click on the address for more detailed information.  Please visit our facebook page for detailed pictures and listing sheet as well. 


Current List Price

1809 Michigan


2014 Indiana


Florida Blvd


2012 Florida Blvd


6522 Connecticut




2304 New York


6521 Kansas


1811 Iowa


1804 New York


Coming Soon


1603 Michigan




6908 E. Bayou


6726 Marina Dr


Email:  harryfalckrealty@aol.com                          6840 14th Street W.                                           Telephone:  941-756-8811

Bradenton, FL 34207

PO Box 6359, Bradenton FL 34281

NOTE: As a transaction broker, we can list and sell the home.  Generally, the seller is responsible for commission paid to the listing and selling agents.  However, it is your responsibility to notify us that you are 

working with another agent.  If you are represented by another agent and choose for our office to show you a listing, you will be responsible to pay the commission to any other agent you may involve in the transaction.